Observability, Orchestration, Security

After using Wordpress as my personal blog for more then 7 years, I finally decided to try something new. Since I just migrated to Google Workspace, which offers great functionalities, mixed with awesome security, I decided to give Google Sites a try.

Over the past years, I've open sourced many scripts, tools and configurations and noticed that over time, I got less and less time for interesting new projects and personal important real-life stuff. So I had to take the difficult decision to reduce my technical debt and stop developing and supporting some of those scripts, tools and configurations. Times have changed, a new career path, combined with a pandemic and a huge rise in digital threats, forced me to rethink what is important.

I'd like to thank everyone for the support I received over the years, especially Ansible, Nagios and Elastic, all of which are fantastic open source technologies, kickstarted my career and opened up several new worlds of exciting digital innovations.

So what will the future bring? Who knows.. I'll need at least half a year to get rid of my 'legacy' stuff and at least another half year to decide what I will focus on in the future.

In the meantime, if you would decide to keep using one of my tools, scripts, configurations, please be aware that I have not spent any time on them lately and I cannot give any support on any of them anymore.